All Systems Operational
This is BLAZINGLAYER -'s status page, here you'll find the current status and incident history of BLAZINGLAYER -.
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Infrastructure Operational
Web Operational
Load Balancer Operational
Fast Download Operational
Content Delivery Network Operational
KVM Nodes Operational
FR-GAME-01 Operational
FR-GAME-02 Operational
FR-GAME-03 Operational
FR-GAME-04 Operational
FR-GAME-05 Operational
DE-GAME-01 Operational
DE-GAME-02 Operational
DE-GAME-03 Operational
DE-GAME-04 Operational
DE-GAME-05 Operational
DE-GAME-06 Operational
DE-GAME-07 Operational
DE-GAME-08 Operational
Web Hosting Operational
FR-HOSTING-01 Operational
TeamSpeak3 Nodes Operational
DE-VOICE-01 Operational
NL-HYPERFILTER-01 Operational
NL-HYPERFILTER-02 Operational
DDoS Mitigation Operational
SPECTRUM Operational
FR-MX-01 Operational
FR-MX-02 Operational
DE-MX-01 Operational
DE-MX-02 Operational
DE-MX-03 Operational
DE-MX-04 Operational
DE-MX-05 Operational
DE-MX-06 Operational
NL-HF-GW-01 Operational
100.0% Uptime
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